Cutest Christmas Cupcakes



We always bake a big plate of cookies for Christmas, and dive in on Christmas Day. However, I feel like something a little fancier is needed for Christmas Day. A cupcake is a perfect end to a big meal. It’s a sweet treat that won’t make you feel too full after a big dinner.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas Cupcake Ideas! Enjoy!

1. Christmas Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

2. Reindeer Cupcakes

3.  Snowman Cupcakes with a Video Tutorial 

4. Chocolate Filled Penguin Cupcakes

5. Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes


6. Snowflake Cake and Cupcake Recipe

7. Gingerbread Latte Cupcakes Recipe

8. Fondant Polar Bear Cupcake Tutorial

9. Polar Bear Cupcakes

10. Snowman Cupcakes


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  1. Those are the cutest cupcakes….and great photos too.

  2. How adorable!! Love them all as I am sure anyone who they are sitting in front of will!! ALMOST look too good to eat!!

  3. these are soo cute, thanks for sharing

  4. Those candy cane swirled icing cupcakes look super easy to make. I may have to try those this year!

  5. These look so fun and easy to make, thanks for the roundup!

  6. Okay, I just LOVE those polar bear ones… super cute

  7. Those are some adorable cupcakes! They will be awesome to take for Christmas dinner! CUTE!

  8. oh my goodness those snowmen with hats are just TOO cute. Love them.

  9. I am loving all of these, especially the snowman and bear cupcakes.

  10. Okay, you are right, cutest cupcakes ever! I love the polar bear and snowman ones the best. Thanks, now I’m hungry!

  11. These ARE the cutest! I was going to leave a comment stating which one I thing is the cutest, but I can’t even decide. I hope nobody ever gifts me a cupcake like that, because there is no way I could eat something so cute XD

  12. These are deliciously adorable!

  13. Karen Glatt says:

    I just love all the great ideas for Christmas Cupcakes! The ones I really like are the ones I pinned to Pinterest, the cute cupcakes with the little colored hats! I like cupcakes and want to make one of these for Christmas. It does not look to hard to me to make!

  14. Love the polar bears!