What’s In My Purse: Summer Edition

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Curious about what’s in my purse this summer? Wondering what you should keep in yours? Read on!

My Summer Purse Must Haves:

1. Bottled Water: I take bottled water with me literally everywhere. It makes it easy to stay hydrated, and helps me avoid grabbing a soda at the gas station. Not a fan of bottled? Fill a reusable bottle with tap water instead!

2. Hand Sanitizer: I’m a huge germaphobe so I can’t live without this stuff! It’s great for cleaning up sticky hands after an impromptu ice cream cone (& for cleaning your hands before eating said ice cream cone!).


3. OTC Medicines: You never know when you’ll get an allergy attack, headache, or killer period cramps. I always keep allergy meds and painkillers with me. I am “that girl” that my friends come to for first aid supplies or meds.

4. U By Kotex Clean Wear Ultra Thin Pads: Don’t let a period surprise or unexpected leak ruin your summer! I always keep a pad with me just in case my period starts or a friends does! These U By Kotex ones are a no brainer as they have 3D Capture Core and Xpress Dri. This means they absorb quickly and prevent leaks. SO important when wearing those summer short shorts!

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5. Sunscreen: It’s important to reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours. If you’re going to be gone any length of time changes are you’ll need to take it with you. Don’t forget to protect your lips too with a lip balm with SPF!

6. Powder: Heat and sweat=major oil production for me. I like to carry around a matte powder and mini kabuki brush to keep things under control. Bonus: My powder has SPF 15

7. Mini Perfume: Sometimes even the best deodorant doesn’t keep up on these super hot days. Carry a roller ball or mini body spray to freshen up on the go!

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