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Disclosure: Today’s conversation on how to save time and money on healthcare is sponsored by the Walgreens #HealthcareClinic and #CollectiveBias. All opinions are my own.


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Living on your own at college is awesome! Until you get sick! It’s hard to know what to do when you’re on your own. Here are my best tips.

How to Save Time and Money on Healthcare for Students

1. Skip the doctor’s in exchange for Walgreen’s Health Care Clinic. They’re open weeknights, and weekends with no appointment needed. This makes it easy to drop in between classes.
It is Sunday morning and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend without classes. However, I wake up with a severe headache. I stumble to the couch to watch television. Not my ideal weekend, but I chalk in up to exhaustion/stress. Around lunch time I was putting on some mascara in hopes it would make me feel better.


WHAT!?! I do a double take. It looks like my left eye is drooping. What is wrong with me? Am I having a stroke?? I don’t feel like I’m having a stroke although my head is pounding. I know that I need medical attention, but where will I find a
healthcare Clinic in Pittsburgh that is open on a Sunday?

A quick google search tells me that there is a Walgreens with a clinic located only 5 minutes away. After driving there the Healthcare Provider diagnoses me with a severe sinus infection with Bell’s Palsy (temporary facial muscle paralysis). She put my fears at ease and gave me some medicine to make me feel better.


2. Buy Generic

Most brand name medicines have a generic(cheaper!) version with the same active ingredient. With some things like handbags brand name is important. Medicine not so much! My headache doesn’t care if the painkiller is generic.

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3. Use Home Remedies

Not all illnesses require a clinic visit. Try treating at home for a few days with soup, tea, and lots of rest.

My dog likes to lay with me. Doesn’t it look like she is saying, you okay Mom?