Wantable Accessories Box

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Disclosure: The Wantable Accessories Box used in this review was sent to me for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.



Confession: I‘m not really into to beauty subscription boxes. I’m pretty picky with the brands/colors I use so most of the items end up going unused.

When I found out Wantable had an accessories box I immediately knew I was on board.

The box can include anything for sunglasses to scarves to jewelry.


Before getting your box you get to fill out a questionnaire. It includes things like types (i.e. necklaces, sunglasses, ect), and styles (glamorous, boho, ect).

You get things from items your “Loves” or “Likes”, and you’ll never get anything from your dislike list!

Let’s take a look at what was in my box:

1. Lavi Bracelet($28): Was a gold bracelet with clear gems. I loved the way this immediately dressed up whatever I was wearing.

2. Akoya Necklace($28): Was a gorgeous combination of spakly gems and pearls. Can’t chose between diamonds and pearls? Wear them both. So classic and classy!

3. Gaia ring($22): Was a gold band with a big brown stone. This was the only item included that I didn’t like. I didn’t care for the color, and even though I ordered my normal ring size it didn’t fit!

You can subscribe for $36 or pay $40 for one box over at Wantable.com

Is the Wantable Accessories box something you’d be interested in?