Vanilla Ice Cream

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(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

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While I love chocolate, I prefer vanilla ice cream.

I love the feeling of rich warm chocolate melting in my mouth, however chocolate ice cream just doesn’t give the same effect. I like vanilla with chocolate chips, m and ms, or cookies dough. Or all three! 😀


Nearly everyone loved getting ice cream as a child. I was no exception!

We had an AMAZING home made ice cream parlor in town that is sadly no longer in business.


They had rich, delicious frozen treats. No soft serve there!One night while enjoying an ice cream cone, I spit out my ice cream and told my mom I “got a hard piece”.

To my surprise my first  loose tooth had finally made its way out!I was a very nervous child, and was scared to loose it. Luckily it happened painlessly while enjoying a sweet treat!


What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you have any strong memories centered around ice cream?