Valentine’s Day Nail Art

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Source: via Malou on Pinterest


Can’t decide between red and pink polish? Why not consider this Red and Pink Heart Manicure.

Source: via Sandra on Pinterest



Give your French Mani a romantic twist with this Heart French Manicure

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Conversation Hearts Manicure

Conversation Hearts are a Valentines Day Staple in our house: Here’s a version for your nails

Source: via Felicia on Pinterest


Pink and White Hearts Manicure is just the right amount of flirty.

Source: via Rosie N Jason on Pinterest


Hello Kitty Manicure: Who Could resist being Hello Kitty’s Valentine?

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Plain Pink Manicure: Not allowed or able to do fancy nail art? This pale pink mani is just as romantic!

Source: via Abby on Pinterest


Unique Hearts Manicure

Black and Red Nail Art: Do you think that Valentines Day is really just Single’s Awareness Day? Then you might prefer this darker mani.

Lips Nail Art:Is Sealed with A Kiss!

Valentines Day Cupcake Nail Art: The only thing sweeter than this nail art is the real thing!