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Do you worry about the future? Wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow be more prepared for what lies ahead? As a Junior in college, I find often find myself worrying about the future.  What will I do with my life? Will I have enough money to get by?

Reading By Kat’s Etsy shop focuses on custom tarot readings, spell kits, and candle magic.

These can help us have a better idea of what will happen in the future, and help draw the things we want to us whether it be money or love.


“Intuitive tarot readings are a way to represent a situation through the symbols of the cards. It is a tool to gather information and consider possibilities using the card’s symbols and the interactions between them. Tarot cards do not ‘tell the future’ they are simply another tool and every choice that is made can alter the patterns of the future.” ~Kat

Regardless of your budget, Kat has a reading for you.  In order to gain a better understanding of you, you’ll be asked for some simple information such as your first name and your zodiac sign. You may also ask a question that you’d like her to focus on. Then your customized reading will be delivered within 24 hours! How cool is that?


Spells are offered for a variety of things from romance, to healing. Beginner? No problem! She’ll include instructions for you to follow.

Magical Candles

Similar to spells, but easier! Kat offers a candle for every need from motivation, to success, to a fabulous animal blessing with all profits going to charity!
Curious? Want to know more?
Please read on for an interview with Kat.
1. How did you first discover tarot readings and spell casting?
Growing up I was a very intuitive child.  I knew that my sister was going to be a girl while my mom was still pregnant and could finish people’s thoughts before they were ever said out loud.  I was ‘making potions’ and ‘casting spells’ as a child, playing around but I feel still gaining elementary insight into what helps make magick/wishes/prayer work.  I’m pretty sure the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and She-Ra started me on the spell casting, but I just always remember doing it.  When I got to college I picked up my first deck of divination cards and have never looked back.  Tarot turned into this amazing tool that helped me communicate things I just ‘knew’ about a person or situation, in a way that was clear to other people and much less scary.

2. When did you realize you had a gift for it?
I’ve always had a gift of intuition, and it’s more common than people think.  One aspect of it that people don’t think about is being able to be a good mediator.  When someone can look at a conflict situation, see the perspective of both sides and then explain each side to the other, that’s using a combination of intuition, empathy and compassion; the same traits I use when reading for people. I’ve always been the ‘translator’ between my sisters and my friends and have also just known things about people with no easy explanation.

3. What are the most common things people want to focus on in their readings?
There’s no surprise here, people want to know about love and money.  If you research the questions that were asked of the Oracle at Delphi in ancient times, you will see that even then, people wanted to know about love and money.  Please don’t think that I’m being scornful of these topics, on the contrary love and material stability are two deep forces of the human condition and so much of our lives focuses on one or the other.  I have had multiple clients thank me for readings that warned them of back-stabbing people at work or potential business partners that would be bad for business.  With love people want to know if their feelings or concerns are justified and then what they should consider doing to move forward.  When I read through my feedback and see that I have helped someone it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂