Spadaro Fragrances Review

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I love the story behind Spadaro Fragrances. Mrs. Spadaro’s mother encouraged her to be creative by melting and mixing her own lipsticks, and adding oils to store bought perfumes. I love the message about making beauty products your own.

About Spadaro Fragrances:

SPADARO LUXURY FRAGRANCES is a fragrance line that celebrates the spirit of adventure and inspires journeys of self-discovery. Creator and entrepreneur, Kim Spadaro combined her strong passion for design, aromatherapy, travel and music to formulate a range of scents that are deeply personal yet inspirational to others. Each of the three fragrances currently in the line are inspired by different destinations and bring to life a moment in time experienced during these journeys. By carrying out her vision to develop Spadaro fragrances, she is able to bottle up her own memories into perfumes for others to explore.

The Perfumes

1. Sole Nero
Sole Nero, meaning “Black Sun,” was inspired by a family trip to Sicily and evokes fond memories of loved ones near and far.

The Notes: Sunny Italian Grapefruit is imbued with a precious spice accord of White Pepper and Cumin. The citrus notes are enveloped by tender Musk and comforting notes of Sandalwood, Almond and Honey.


Sole Nero is bright, fresh, and fruity. It opens with ripe juicy orange and tart lemon smell, but once it begins to dry down it takes on an exotic spicy scent.

Price: $135 for the perfume or $40 for the body lotion @ <a herf=””>Nordstroms</a>

You can also pick up a sample size set for $10 exclusively on Spadaro’s website

2. Noche Del Fuego

Noche del Fuego, meaning “Night of Fire,” is an exotic scent inspired by an idyllic escape to Majorca, Spain.

The Notes: Bergamot gains unexpected depth when mixed with Patchouli and an exotic blend of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Honey spiked with Paprika and Saffron and the warm/cool of Black Pepper.

Eau de parfum: $155

Noche de Fuego was a little too strong for my taste. It is a very woodsy slightly spicy scent.

3. Doux Amour
Doux Amour, meaning “Sweet Love,” was developed while on a journey to Morocco and is meant to embody an expression of sensuality.

The Notes: A rare blend of floral essences – Ylang Ylang, Casablanca Lily and Moroccan Jasmine – wrapped in a sultry, sueded accord of Patchouli, Rare Amber Sandalwood, and laced with a sheer veil of Vanilla.

$135 for the Eau de Parfum and $40 for the body lotion.

Doux amour has a very unique floral scent. It was more mellow and sweeter than the others. Because of this it is probably my favorite of the three.

What I loved:
1. Requires only 1 or 2 sprays for desired scent
2. Last all day and night, no reapplication needed
3. Love the stories and inspiration behind them, so often we are not aware of this
4. Bottles are a true work of art

What I didn’t like:
1. May be too strong for some people
2. Price: I am more than willing to shell out 50 or 60 bucks for a perfume I really love. But anything over $100 is just not something I’m willing to put down for a perfume.

Which of these do you think would be your favorite?

Disclaimer: Baking Beauty received press samples of the above items. I was not compensated, nor was I required to write a review. All opinions are my own.