SNICKERS Crisper – Crispy Delicious Nom Noms

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

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SNICKERS Crisper is the tasty way to get your Snickers on with a little something extra. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love the nom noms. Heck, my entire blog is devoted to various deliciousness. It’s also devoted to new takes on old favorites. That’s why I love SNICKERS Crisper. Those delicious little guys are filled with the SNICKERS flavor I’ve loved since forever, but they also have a nice crispy thing going on which I love.

SNICKERS Crisper – Crispy Heaven

I’ll admit it. I have a sweet tooth. No wait. I have sweet TEETH. All 28 of my teeth are sweet teeth. So I like my candy. SNICKERS has been one of my favorite candy bars for as long as I can remember. You’ve probably noticed that several of my recipes feature those delicious bars. When SNICKERS came out with their almond variety, I was all over it. SNICKERS Peantu Butter Squared? Yes, please. SNICKERS Ice Cream? Sure, I’ll have some. SNICKERS Egg? You don’t really need to ask twice.

So when SNICKERS Crisper hit the scene, I was all over it. Holy. Moly. It’s a Snickers party in my mouth, and no one is invited. I’m not sharing! These little bites of Heaven are fantastic. I’m currently in the “stuff my face” mode of discovery, but I’m sure they’ll be making a few appearances in my recipes down the line.


These SNICKERS Crisper bars are crispy perfection. They feature a combination of crisped rice and peanuts topped with all the nomtastic caramel and milk chocolate we all know and love from SNICKERS. They’re everything a foodie like me could ask for. I bite into one of these guys, and I’m greeted with that delicious milk chocolate I love and a nicely gooey caramel. Then I get into the satisfying crunch of peanuts and a smaller, no less satisfying crunch of crisped rice. OM NOM NOM NOM… Wait. Where was I?

Do Yourself a Favor and Stuff Yo Face!

You know I normally offer all kinds of recipes of varying difficulty and beauty, but today I’m keeping it simple. Get some SNICKERS Crisper and stuff yourself. You won’t regret it. As I write this piece, I’m currently stuffing  another bite into my mouth and wondering if 3 bars is too many, or if I should go for a fourth. I don’t want to be glutton after all. Just kidding. I totally want to be a glutton. I encourage you to be a glutton, too. It’s so good.

You can find SNICKERS Crisper at Walmart, home of all things candy. Get out there and get your face stuffing on.