Scary Movies Must Haves

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(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

NaBloPoMo Day 15:Do you like scary movies that make you jump?

I like scary movies, but they don’t like me!

My 3 Scary Movie Must Haves Are

1. Friends

I enjoy watching them, and being given a good fright most of the time. However, I could never watch them alone! A person to scream with is key. Sometimes, when I watch them with a bunch of girlfriend’s we often make fun of the corny special effects and fake blood. This makes them seem less scary.


2. Food
My favorite movie snacks are good old popcorn with tons of butter and m and ms.

3. A night light!

However, after watching them I am usually jumpy. What is that noise? An axe murderer obviously! I don’t sleep well the night or so after. But I’ll continue to watch them again and again!

So do you like scary movies? What are your favorite movies or snacks? Please let me know in a comment below!