How to save Money on Lighbulbs with Super Bright LEDs

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

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Urghhh I thought I JUST replaced that light bulb. Ever have this situation in your house? Late at night (when its pitch black naturally), your light bulb blows out with a blue flash.
The last time this happened in my room I screamed (yeah yeah yeah I’m a baby!). My family promptly woke up and asked whether there was a bug (the nerve!). Not only was my room pitch black, but we had no more light bulbs in the house.I knew I didn’t want to get into this situation again so I started looking at energy efficient light bulbs with led power. The ones that caught my eye was the GE LED Bulbs. I like that they both


last 15 times longer than a regular bulb,AND that they also use less energy. They were in the Specialty Light bulb section at Walmart. You’ll soon see why they’re so special!


Look how much money I can save with just the 4 ceiling lights in my room alone. Check out my #LEDSavings below!


4 LED Bulbs in my room will save me over 20 dollars per year. That’s enough to buy myself a new hardback novel. I love reading as it helps me relax and escape in a way nothing else can.

But, what if I replaced the bulbs in all of ceiling lights (2 Bedrooms and the kitchen). I could save nearly 50 dollars per year which is nearly enough to buy my favorite designer perfume.

Remember these are the energy savings alone. You’ll save money on not buying light bulbs too. Sure its only a couple dollars here and a couple dollars there, but it can really add up!

Speaking of adding up, imagine how this can add up over your life time! $50 a year for 10 years is over $500! That’s enough for a brand new laptop!

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