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Samsung Gear VR. Remember that name, because it’s the first name in mobile virtual reality. For real. It’s the first one. The future is now, people, and the future is the Samsung Gear VR. When you use this bad boy, it gives getting into your entertainment a totally different meaning.

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality IS a Reality

Virtual reality used to be something we saw in sci-fi movies to make everything seem more futuristic. But heck. The future is now. That’s not just a fun thing to say. The future actually is now. Virtual reality has finally become a viable thing. It’s REAL virtual reality, not that weird thing Nintendo released way back in the day that had people falling over and unable to focus their eyes.

Nope. The Samsung Gear VR is the first ever fully functioning, fully awesome portable virtual reality system. Using the power of the Oculus Video app and the super cool headset, you can get into your entertainment. Really into it. You can customize trailers, clips and movie files to fit any virtual environment from home theater to big screen cinema to the surface of the moon and more. I like to think of it as the visual equivalent of a sound equalizer.

You can live stream everything from full movies to video clips to everything on Netflix. It’s truly the most immersive form of entertainment to come along ever. Ever.

Samsung Gear VR Specs

  • Weight: 0.68 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.95″ wide x 4.58″ high x 3.65″ deep
  • Compatible Devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB connection to all compatible devices
  • Sensor Type: Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Proximity (Mount/Unmount Detection)

Samsung Gear VR is Perfect for Father’s Day


Even if your husband or father isn’t a total teched out geek, the Samsung Gear VR is the perfect Father’s Day gift, and I’ll tell you why. It’s a home theater you wear on your face! Think about the joy the father in your life will have sitting in his recliner and watching the big game as a fully immersive experience. It’s literally like being at the game. The same goes for all of those explosions in his favorite action movie.

It’s simple. The one thing all dads have in common, whether they’re total geeks or technology challenged, is a love of sports and action movies, both of which are perfect for the Samsung Gear VR, and now’s the best time to get it for him. Right now, you can get a free Samsung Gear VR plus $50 worth of Virtual Reality content with your purchase or lease and activation of select Samsung Smartphones. Boom.

If your father or husband loves his sports, cinematic explosions, and other manly content (and what guy doesn’t), the Samsung Gear VR is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day, and with this kind of deal, it’s the perfect time to score a slam dunk!