Quick Asian Meals

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Influence Central and InnovAsian. I received free product coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. All opinions are mine alone.


This summer as been so busy! Between work, my website, and family responsibilities, I’m all about grabbing a quick bite to eat. On these busy days, I often reach for a frozen option.


However as a “foodie”, I’m usually less than impressed. Let’s by honest frozen meals are typical low in flavor and high on calories. However, I’ve recently become obsessed with a new line of Thai frozen dinners. These are so good I’m literally craving them!



The line is the InnovAsian LemonGrass Kitchen. They come in delicious varieties like Chicken Pad Thai (my favorite!) and Red Curry Chicken. The flavors are spot on thanks to their creator CHEF Mai Pham. In addition, I love that they are made without MSG or trans fat!

In just 6-12 minutes you can have authentic Asian flavors right in your own kitchen!

They’re wonderful straight out of the box for a quick lunch at work or a dinner home alone. Although I have to warn you: you’re co-workers and kids are going to begging for a taste as these smell AMAZING while cooking.

However, they also make the perfect Asian recipe starter. Asian spices are delicious, but so expensive to buy individually. Use these meals as a base for your own stir fry or noodle dish.

Like I mentioned my favorite flavor is the Chicken Pad Thai. To dress it up I added bean sprouts, peanuts, and lime wedges. I also made a simple Asian Salad on the side (Napa Cabbage, Green Onions, edamame, and Chow Mein Noodles).

Innovasian LemonGrass Kitchen products can be found at your local Walmart or Safeway.

They offer 6 varieties:
1. Beef & Broccoli Noodles
2. Chicken Pad Thai
3. Shrimp Pad Thai
4. Red Curry Chicken
4. Lemongrass Chicken Stir Fry
6. Thai-Style Chicken Fried Rice

Heading out to pick some up? Be sure to use the available coupon. Click to add it to your clipped coupons on Coupons.com.

Which flavor would you most like to try?

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