How to Pay with your Cell Phone: Isis Wallet App

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Disclaimer: I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Isis Wallet. I also received a promotion item to thank me for participating. All opinions are my own.

I am famous for carrying everything but the kitchen sink my purse.

Things that are in my handbag at any given moment:

1. My dog’s portable water bowl

2. Snacks (human and canine!)

3. Socks from the last time I went bowling


4. Losing lottery tickets

5. Allergy meds and painkillers (I’m prepared for anything!).

I love having everything I need. However, it often makes it hard to find my wallet when its time to pay for something.Yes I am “that” person rooting around in front of you at the cash register when you’re in a hurry on your way home from work! 🙂

Until now! I  have always heard about people paying with their cell phones, but never really knew how to do it. That has all changed since I discovered the Isis Wallet App.

As you can see from my purse’s contents above I am a dog owner. It was only natural to try out the app at our local Petco.I love that they let you take your pets in the store. However, it can be challenging! At the checkout counter I’m focused on trying to make sure Carmella doesn’t eat all the treats or jump on the crazy cat lady behind us.

I simply don’t have another hand to find my credit card or cash in my messy purse. It was really handy to just use my phone that is always in its special pocket in my purse.. All I had to do was hold my phone above the contactless location on the credit card scanner.  I felt so technologically advanced. The lady behind me with 2 kids and a large lab was super jealous at how quick I got in and out!

Want to try it out for yourself? Visit Pay with Isis to find an eligible phone and download the App.

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