Ouidad Color Sense Collection Review

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Did you know that curly hair takes color differently than straight hair?

Because curly hair has texture, wave, and porosity color may look different or may not last as long.


The corkscrew shape of curly hair keeps the outer cuticle layer open, leaving the hair shaft more able to take color, but also susceptible to color fading and dehydrationne uses the ultimate technology to preserve and enhance vibrancy for not only curly hair, but for all textures and styles.

Ouidad’s Color Sense Collection addresses these issues for all hair types


Color Preserving Shampoo Review

Ouidad Says: It gently removes mineral deposits and product buildup that can strip color.

Baking Beauty says: The Color Preserving Shampoo is a thin,creamy, and has a light sweet scent. It left my hair feeling smooth and soft.


Color Preserving Conditioner Review

Ouidad says:Protective Color Lock complex affixes color to hair fibers and provides a shield against fading from UV exposure and styling.

Baking Beauty says: The Color Sense conditioner easily detangled any knots in the shower. In addition, it made my hair feel soft and smooth when it dried. I think it even helped with curl definition a bit.


Shine Boosting Color Extender

Ouidad says:
Instantly creates a high gloss finish that lasts for days and extends life of hair color

Baking Beauty says: The color extended is a cross between a hair oil and a hair mask. It makes hair super smooth, and shiny. However you’ll want to apply it when hair is wet AND rinse it out.

$26 for 5 fl. oz.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Ouidad Color Sense Collection.If I could only get one product from the line I’d suggest the conditioner.

Available at: Ouidad.com, Ouidad Flagship and Certified salons and Ulta.

Do you dye your hair? What’s your favorite Shampoo/Conditioner?