NaBloPoMo Day 9: What Makes Your Heart Leap

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

Since we already had a question about what makes us happy, I’m guessing this question is asking what do you fear? What makes your heart skip a beat in your chest?


Fear is such a personal embarrassing topic, but I’ll share a few of mine with you.


1. I hate bugs, worms, and snakes. Just typing about them gives me the willies!  I think its how they can move or crawl so quickly! My least favorite of all are centipedes which conveniently we get all the time!  I hope you won’t mind  I didn’t include a picture for this one! 😀




2. I hate crowds. I guess you could say I am somewhat claustrophobic about being in situations where I’m surrounded by people with no escape.

3. Finally, I hate not being in control. I am a total control-freak who likes to be the one who makes all the decisions. However, I also don’t always speak up, and often suffer silently. Luckily my family and friends are mostly the opposite, and are okay with me wearing the pants!



NaBloPoMo=National Blog Posting Month! 🙂