My Fainting Story

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

If you’re not into personal blog posts, feel free to skip this one. I am somewhat traumatized by what happened yesterday, and feel it may help to get my feelings out on “paper”.

Background Info: My puppy Carmella has been refusing to eat for ~ the past 2 weeks. We could eventually convince her to eat with special treats (Bil Jac, Turkey, Cheese, ect). She has a plethora of tummy troubles, so we blamed it on that + pickiness. The vet said not to be concerned unless she was having trouble going to the restroom or acting lethargic.

The Diagnosis: One night while petting her, we felt her ear was really hot. After opening it, it was also red and swollen.  She has floppy ears, and honestly we never lift them up. Throughout the whole time she always let us touch/scratch them I feel like such an awful parent for not noticing/acting on this sooner.

@ The Vet: We were able to get an emergency same day appointment at the Vet. To be honest, I was scared. I was worried the Dr. was going to hurt her, or yell at us for not being more observant.

We were put into an exam room were they took her temp, weighed her, and shaved the inside of her ears. Good golly you won’t believe the hair in them!

Next, the Dr. cleaned all the “gunk” out of her ears. Since I am her “favorite” person, I was chosen to hold her mouth and keep her still during this. I was standing under a hot exam light, and watching this absolutely disgusting, smelly stuff come out.


I began to feel hot and dizzy. I figured it was just the stress, and skipping lunch. Then all of a sudden my vision started to go. It was blurry, and sparkly. Sort of like a low quality tv picture. I told my Mom she needed to take over, and sat down.

The vet stopped what he was doing, and asked if I was okay. They said I was pale as a ghost. He told me to leave the room. When I stood up against I nearly lost my vision.

Even after sitting in the waiting room for 15 minutes when I tried to stand I was dizzy, wobbly, and could barely see. Somehow I made it to the car.

I never passed out, but I felt SO SO close. I almost asked to be taken to the ER, because I just felt absolutely awful.

I’m terrified of what happened, and scared it may happen again. I don’t particularly like getting blood drawn, or watching gory Tv shows, but I’ve never felt sick from it.

I’ve heard of people fainting from blood, but it’s not like this was a horrible gory car accident or something.

Have you ever fainted? What were the circumstance?