Mark Fragrance Pencils Review

Disclaimer: The Mark Fragrance Pencils Review used in this review were sent to me For consideration. All opinions are my own.


While poking through the latest mark catalog I saw these pencils. I thought the packaging was pretty and that it was probably an eye liner or maybe a lip stain.


These are Mark’s  fragrance pencils. I’ve never seen anything like them(please correct me if I’m wrong.)

The pencils themselves reveal a clear gel like tip.


Mark Fragrance Pencils Review

The holiday set comes with 4 scents:
1. Very Sassy
Notes: Black currant, floral yellow jasmine, and earthy musk. It is a clean slighly tart citrus scent to me. It makes you smell nice, without being too strong.

2. Jewel
Notes: Lily,Vanilla, Caramel

This was my favorite of the 4. Is is a fruity sweet scent that reminds me of Viva La Juicy.

3. Celebrate
Notes:Citrus,Plum, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley
Celebrate is a seductive fruity floral.

4. Jewel Shine
Notes: Bergamot,Gardenia, and Marshmallow
Jewel is a soft white floral.

You’ll want to “draw” on your pulse points with these. It feels a bit tacky at first but when you rub it in this disappears.

Packaging: I really like the colorful packaging. However, there are 2 things I don’t like. One they are really hard to open! You’ll want to turn and twist to break this vacuum seal.

Also, one of my pencils had the gel part stuck 1/2 way up inside. I’m not sure why, but the only option is to sharpen it to a nub. 🙁

Overall, this set is a great way to try out Mark’s perfumes. I also think it’d be a great gift. You could always open it up and toss 1 in each of your bestie’s gift bags.

Which scent do you think you’d like best? Have you ever tried a perfume pencil?