Mark Classic Mix Review



Mark Says:”Miss one of our first fragrances? Eager to try a former mark fave? This special birthday set includes three eau de toilettes we’re bringing back as purse sprays you can try, tote and love all over again-or for the first time.”

Baking Beauty Says: This fragrance sampler is a steal. You get quite a bit of perfume for only 20 bucks!

The set includes:
Karmala,Bohista, and Hollywood Pink. (All eau de toilettes).

Karmala’s official notes are:Tahitian vanilla, Turkish myrrh, Tahitian candole flower, white heliotrope and clover leaf.


Karmala (Carmella?) is my dogs name so I was super excited to try this scent.

It is a warm unique scent. Normally I won’t even sniff scents that contain spicy notes like myrrh. However the vanilla and floral scents balance it out and you’re left with something feminine but with a hint of mysterious spice.

Bohista has notes of ginger, lily, orchid, musk and chocolate.

It is a spicy scent with a hint of sweetness. I can really smell the ginger. It reminds me of gingerbread or cinnamon rolls baking. It is not overly sweet, but still smells yummy!

Hollywood Pink

Notes are juicy mandarin and tangerine,freesia, musk and cacao.

Hollywood Pink is my fave of the three. It is very bright and girly. It’s fruity, sweet, and it really reminds me a bit of the Lush Candy Bath bomb.

Overall, this fragrance set has a good variety of fruity,sweet, and spicy scents. They’re perfect for using at home or tossing in your purse.

Cost: $20
Available: Via your fave Mark Rep or online at MeetMark

Have you tried any of these Mark perfumes? What’s your go to fall scent?