MAC Charmed I’m Sure Lipstick Review




Disclosure: This lipstick was given to me by a friend. All opinions are my own.

Charmed I’m Sure?! Yeah yeah I know this lipstick is no longer available and rather old. However, I figured I’d still review it in case anyone is still contemplating buying or swapping! Plus it’s just too pretty not to write about!

MAC Charmed I’m Sure Lipstick Review

Baking Beauty says: Charmed I’m sure is a rich, matte red. It wears amazingly well, but is slightly drying.



When lightly swatched this lippie almost looks pink. However, when build up it is a true matte red.

It never seems heavy or drying while on the lips. However, when it wears away you’re left with dry lips just begging for some balm!

Ease of use:4/5

I’d recommend using a scrub before applying.

Lasting Power:4/5

This wore for around 4 hours on me. It even left a light pinkish stain for a couple of hours after that.



MAC Charmed I’m Sure is
Best for those: Looking for a matte red
Avoid it if: You tend to have dry lips

While this baby is sold out, you can still pick one up on Amazon or Ebay!

Have you tried Charmed I’m Sue?

Do you like red lipsticks? What’s your favorite?