Lush Ma Bar Review

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Disclosure: The Lush Ma Bar featured in this review was purchased with my own money.

Relaxing in a bubble bath is my favorite way to end the day. I love sweet foodie type scents, and this one exceeded my expectations!

Lush says:Spoil yourself with a chocolate-toffee bar! The LUSH Ma Bar is a bubble bar of two halves: cocoa and honey toffee. In the centre, there’s a lump of brown sugar, which melts in the bath water.  Crumble under running water for masses of sweet, chocolatey bubbles.

Baking Beauty says: This sweet smelling bubble bar delivers tons of bubbles and makes my skin feel very soft.


Lush Ma Bar Review

What I loved:
1. The scent: The scent is very chocolatey. It reminds me of my trip to a chocolate factory in Ohio. So yummy, and not at all fake like other chocolate lotions/lip balms I’ve tried.

2. Tons of bubbles: I only used half of this bubble bar, but I still had enough bubbles to fill the tub.

3. Moisturizing: Bubble baths can be drying to the skin especially in the winter. That wasn’t the case with this bubble bar. It left my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

What I didn’t like:
1. The Color: It turned the water a dark brown color. I prefer the brighter colors or no color at all!


Is it limited edition: No

What does it cost: $7.95

Where can I buy it: or your local Lush store


  What’s your favorite Bubble Bar?