Lush Dish Fairy Review

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Disclosure: Purchased with my own money. 🙂

Ever wish you could just wave your magic wand, and the dishes would be done?

The Dish Fairy is probably the closest we’re ever going to get!She is essentially a reusable bubble bar for the kitchen sink. Loveee

Lush says:The Dish Fairy is filled with skin softening, effective ingredients like lemon and gardenia oils. Fill up your sink with warm water, swishing The Dish Fairy around like a wand. Then wash the dishes and let her work her cleaning magic. You’ll have soft hands, and a sparkling clean set of dishes.


Baking Beauty says: The dish fairy easily cleans dishes and leaves your hands feeling baby soft.

Lush Dish Fairy Review

What I loved:
1. Skin conditioning: The #1 reason I hate doing the dishes? It leaves my hands pruney, dry, and rough. However, the oils in the dish fairy make the water soft. This results in hands being touchably smooth after use.

2.Cleaning Powder: Despite being amazingly gentle on the hands, it is tough on dishes! It easily melted away baked on food, grease, and even baked on brownies!

3. Long lasting bubbles: I hate when your bubbles disappear before you’re done with the dishes. That wasn’t a problem here.

4. The scent: The scent is very citusy. It smells fresh and clean. As long as you enjoy lemon I think you’ll like this.

What i didn’t like:
Sadly this product is limited edition. I wish I could enjoy it all year long, but I can’t afford to buy a years worth right now.

Available at: Your local LUSH store or for $7.95