Lowest Price Rate Plan Followup

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

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Symptoms:Do you find yourself wanting a smart phone, but think you can’t afford it? Do you see people everywhere typing away on their devices, while you watch? Do you gaze longingly into the phone store at your local mall?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, you may be suffering from a serious case of Cell Phone Envy!

Up until about a month ago I was in your shoes! I really wanted a fancy phone, but didn’t think it was possible to Find a cheap wireless plan on my college student budget.


Check out my Google +Story for more information/pictures of my journey.

The Cure:
Thankfully, I discovered Walmart Family Mobile: Their plan gives me unlimited talk, text, and data for only $40 a month. Compared to other smart phone plans I’m on track to save over $350 this year!

That’s a lot more money I can spend on things I enjoy like lipsticks, books, and eating out.

However, the benefits of my new phone/plan extend well beyond my bank account:

1. Then:Getting lost when trying to find new places.
Now: Getting to new restaurants and the dog park with ease with my “Maps” app.

2.Then:Being bored/fidgety in check out lines.
Now: I’m at the front of the line before know it thanks to fun games like Candy Crush Saga.

3. Then: Buying beauty products that don’t work well on impulse buys.
Now: I check reviews on my smartphone while I’m in the store.

4.Then: Missing pictures of things I encounter in my daily life because I don’t take my big DSLR camera everywhere?
Now: I have a  high quality camera in my purse at all times. I can also instantly share these photos on facebook/instagram.

5. Then: I had to buy top up cards every month for my previous phone.
Now: I use the website myfamilymobile.com to pay my bill and for Online account management and information

Overall, my cell phone has impacted many areas of my life. I can’t imagine living life without one. Thanks
#FamilyMobileSaves For getting me caught up with the times at a price I can afford!