Liquid Marijuana

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

Liquid Marijuana: This gorgeous drink is full of fruity flavors. Refreshing, and perfect for parties!

Serve alongside Irish Nachos and Bailey’s Cheesecake for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

liquid marijuana

Have you ever heard of the Liquid Marijuana Drink? This cocktail is sweet, tangy, and always the hit of the party.  Its green hue makes it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day parties.

Also, lets be clear. This drink contains NO illegal drugs. The name comes from its bright green hue, and the relaxing vibe it makes you feel.

If you celebrate 4/20 might I suggest serving this with a garnish of pineapple cut into the shape of leaf. You can use a cookie cutter like this one.


liquid marijuanas drink

What is Liquid Marijuana?

Liquid Marijuana is a green drink full of fruity flavors with a boozy kick. It is sweet, tart, and perfect for a party!

liquid marijuanas ingredients

Liquid Marijuana Ingredients

  • Jim Beam: You can substitute your favorite whiskey or bourbon here.
  • Tequila: Use a tequila you like the flavor of here. I’d suggest a white tequila. For this recipe, I used Jose Cuervo.
  • Blue Curacao: This bright blue liquor tastes like oranges. Use leftovers in my Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaiian, or Blue Margaritas.
  • Apple Pucker: This Apple Schnapps tastes like a green apple candy.
  • Sweet and Sour Mix: Sour Mix is a simple syrup flavored with lemon and lime. You can also use a homemade version if you’d prefer.
  • Pineapple Juice: This adds a fruity tropical twist to this drink.

How To Make a Liquid Marijuana Cocktail

  1. Fill a large glass with ice.
  2. Comine Jim Beam, tequila, Blue Curacao, Apple Pucker, Pineapple Juice, and Sour Mix in a cocktail shaker.
  3. Pour into glass.

how to make liquid marijuanas drink

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Turn It Into a Shot?
You can absolutely turn this Liquid Marijuana drink into a shot. To make this a shot rather than a mixed drink, combine the first  4 ingredients  in a large  shot glass . Bottoms  up!

2. Does This Drink Contain Marijuana?
No worries there! There is no marijuana in the beverage. The drink gets its name because of the green color and the beachy feel of the cocktail.  You can imbibe in this drink no matter what state you live in!

liquid marijuana mixed drink recipe

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liquid marijuana

Liquid Marijuana

This gorgeous drink is full of fruity flavors. Refreshing, and perfect for parties!
Course Drink
Cuisine American
Keyword how to make liquid marijuana, liquid marijuana
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 Drink
Calories 338kcal
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  • Fill a tall glass 3/4 full with ice.
  • Pour Jim Beam, tequila, Blue Curaçao, Apple Pucker, sweet and sour mix ,and pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker.
  • Shake to combine. Pour into glass, and enjoy!


Calories: 338kcal | Carbohydrates: 19g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 11mg | Potassium: 92mg | Sugar: 17g | Vitamin C: 7.1mg | Iron: 0.7mg
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What do you think of this Liquid Marijuana Cocktail? What is your favorite mixed drink?