Some like it Hot: A Cooker for every Kitche

Disclaimer:This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


They say a bad workman blames his tools, but when you burn that batch of mint choc chip cookies, you have every right to consider your cooker culpable if you’ve followed the recipe. Your oven is probably the most important feature of your kitchen, so don’t let those soft and fluffy sponge cakes sink in a sub-standard stove, you have options!



For the country gal: the range cooker

If your idea of heaven is getting up with the birds to prepare your own lovingly kneaded bread, dishing out huge family roasts at a wooden table, and gingham curtains, you need to investigate installing a range cooker.

The pros: Range cookers usually incorporate some combination of dual ovens, plate warming compartments and charming farmhouse colors as standard, and often have super fun extra features like pancake griddles and induction hobs.

The cons: These do work best in larger kitchens, though there are compact models available.


For city slickers: the compact oven

If you have a sleek little apartment where space is at a premium, you probably need an oven that’s straightforward and slimline, and won’t generate cooking smells in a tiny space. Some of these are the same size as a microwave, and can be built flush to sit flush against your units.

The pros: These save you space, there’s less to clean and they look elegant.

The cons: You have to be prepared to juggle if you’re cooking a roast!


For penny pinchers: the gas oven

The simple, quirky gas oven has endured since its 50’s housewife heyday because it’s hardy, it’s practical, and it makes cooking up a storm a breeze. Gas tends to be cheaper than electricity, and these ovens will preheat before you can wander off and leave it burning fuel for half an hour.

The pros: These make a great alternative to an electric oven , and have plenty of space.

The cons: Sometimes the styling can look a little dated, and they tend not to sit well under a countertop.

So there you have it – as with any other kitchen appliance, it’s up to you whether you prioritise energy-efficiency, cooking versatility or just plain good looks. Just make sure you read up on product reviews before you click that ‘Buy’ button.