Keurig Soup?! #BistroCups #TheNewBrew

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)


Can we take a sec. to talk about the dreaded microwave line? If you work in an office you know what I mean! At 12 noon on the dot, everyone makes a rush to the cafeteria to heat up their food.

Lucky me I always got stuck behind

A. Mr. Stinky Leftover Fish
B. Mrs. My Tv Dinner takes 9 minutes la-de-da
C. The Intern: I’m poor, so I’m just going to burn some popcorn and set up the fire alarm!



Well, good thing they don’t know that my lunch can be made in the Keurig coffee machine. (And no it’s not a latte!).


Bistro Cups are really simple to make in just 3 steps: pour, brew, and stir. First you pour the envelope into a large mug, then brew over the package contents and stir!

You get delicious hot soup in 2 minutes or less!



The soup Bistro Cups come in 3 delicious flavors
1. Tomato Parmesan: Creamy tomato elevated with nutty parmesan. Grilled Cheese’s new best friend!
2. Broccoli and Cheese (my favorite!): Creamy cheese with real pieces of broccoli. My lunch time indulgence made easy.
3.Creamy Southwestern: Slightly spicy chowder with lots of hearty beans and corn. Filling enough to be a meal on its own!

Bistro Cups are also perfect for a quick lunch at home or a light dinner before going out. I think they’d also be a blast for kids to eat. Don’t they always want to use your fancy coffee machine? Now you can make them their own delicious treat. Brew your food!

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What do you think of Progresso Bistro Cups? Which flavor do you want to try most?