How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

One of my favorite ways to relax in the evening is with a piping hot mug of tea. Being snuggled in bed with a warm blanket, good mystery novel, and a delicious cup of tea is pure bliss for me.

Besides helping me relax, tea provides plenty of other benefits. For example, green tea has been proven to increase metabolism. In addition, both green and black tea provide a variety of antioxidants.

When I enjoy my tea in the evening, I usually opt for a sweet blend. If not, I’m likely to reach for a sweet evening snack, which is certainly not healthy.

Some kinds I’d love to try are

1. Euphoria: Flavored with orange and chocolate (a mood booster!)

2.Peppermint and Lemon (Calming effect)


3. Strawberry Green Tea (I think this would be extra delicious iced!)

4. Bourbon Vanilla Tea: Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors and the smell is simply divine!

5.Caramel Tea



When I make tea, I tend to just boil water in the microwave. It never tastes anything close to what I get at coffee houses or tea shops.

Kusmi Tea, who has been making quality tea for over 140 years, provide these tips:

1. Use water with a low mineral content.

2. Never use boiling water on tea leaves.

3. Scald (pour hot water) into your teapot to cleanse it before use.

4. Use around 4 grams of tea per cup.

5. Brew with lid on, and be sure not to let them sit too long.

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