How to Apply Mascara: Tips +Tricks

Everyone wants long,thick, gorgeous looking lashes. Usually we turn to mascara to achieve this. Using mascara can really open up your eyes and make your look more put together. Even on days when I don’t wear makeup, I always put on mascara before leaving the house!

Here are my tips on how to apply mascara and some tricks on avoiding clumps.

1. Never pump the mascara wand in and out of the the tube. This doesn’t help add product, but can lead to clumps.


2. Wipe any excess mascara off on the side of the tube. Be especially careful to do this with the end of the wand.


3.Wiggle the mascara wand horizontally while pulling the  upwards. This will deposit much of the product at the lashline. This makes your lashes look thicker while also avoiding clumps at the tips.

4.Do one eye at a time. If you want to do 2 coats, do 2 coats on the left eye then 2 on the right eye. If you allow the mascara to dry between coats lashes will look too clumpy.

5.Limit yourself to 3 coats max. Any more than that ,and it will just look too packed on.

6.Use a lash comb to help separate lashes.

7. Try to hold your eye still for 5-10 seconds after applying. This allows the lashes time to dry, and helps you avoid getting mascara all over your brow bone or lower lash line.

8.Throw away mascara after 3 months. Not only could using it past then cause an eye infection it is also more likely to be dry/hard to work with.


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