How I Organize My Blog Photos

Save For Later

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Photos that are on my computer at any given time:

11013039_10207054559183143_1015983118266170157_n (3)

1. My dogs being adorable if I do say so myself


2. Photos of Christmas Decorations Circa 2013
3. Family Photos

Watermelon Margaritas
4. Close Up Food Blog Photos
5. Food photos taken from 10 miles (okay 10 feet) away
6. Crime Scene Photos (Senior Criminal Justice Degree project, don’t ask!)
7. Blog Product Photos
8. Blurry Food Photos aka fails
9. Inspiration (I take pictures of food I see in restaurants and bakeries for inspiration)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.11.16 PM
10. Decent Food Photos I can actually publish on my blog

With this conglomeration of photos, some organization is clearly needed! Nothing like a sponsored recipe post due at midnight and all you can find are dog photos and pictures of great Aunt Edna’s birthday party. ! Keep reading for my best tips to organize your blog photos.

1. Use One Memory Card: I keep on memory card JUST for blog photos. That way everything is all in one place ready to go when I need it.

2. Amazon Cloud Drive: This is a life saver for me. It allows me to store AND backup all of my photos. Lets be real. Memory cards can get lost, damaged, or eaten (by dogs geez I’m not that hungry). Computers can crash. I like the peace of mind knowing that Amazon Cloud has got my back!

I get Amazon Cloud Drive for FREE as part of my Amazon Prime membership. If you’re a prime member so do you!

No prime? No problem! You can choose from 2 affordable plans starting at less than $1 a month. Best of all you can try it before you buy it with a THREE month free trial.

3. Subfolders: Another one of my organization secrets is sub folders. I keep each recipe’s photos I make in its own subfolder ,also called an Album in Amazon Cloud’s Drive. (i.e. Peach Crumble, Smores Cheesecake, or Pork Tenderloin). This makes it a breeze to find exactly what I’m looking for without going through every photo I’ve ever taken!

4. Save Your Photos With Descriptive Names: Within those photo albums I like to be even more descriptive. Peace Crumble Closeup, Peach Crumble With Fork, and Peach Crumble Bite make it easy to see what’s in a photo without opening each and every one. I’d suggest removing this bit when publishing for SEO purposes, but it’s a lifesaver when quickly browsing.

5. Delete, Delete, Delete: I am a pack rat with my photos. Who knows maybe somedayyyy I’ll edit my blog post and need it. Or perhaps the media will come calling for a super blurry closeup of my cupcake. NOT! Cloud photo storage is unlimited, but don’t save everything. If you don’t like it or didn’t use it the first time, delete it!

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