Horror Movies

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

Today’s topic is:Have you ever “jumped out of your skin?”

scared man

When I think of jumping our of my skin, I think of scary movies! I love watching them, but afterwards I always find myself paranoid. Little things make me really jumpy especially for a few nights after.

One of the most disturbing movies I can remember seeing is “The Strangers”.


It is about an engaged couple who go to a remote cabin.  A group of people terrorize them in unique ways. For example, they leave their cell phones for them, ,but steal the chargers so they can’t call for help.  Also, they trick the man into shooting his best friend because he mistakes him for the attackers.


Eventually, the strangers kill the couple.

Most disturbing of all, it was just a random act of terror that was based on true events!