Halloween Candy Corn Craft Ideas

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

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I am a foodie through and through. Besides cooking, and eating I love my house to smell like food. In October this usually means pumpkin and apple cinnamon. During the winter, I gravitate towards cookie and cranberry scents.

In addition, I love to decorate with food.

I usually do this around Christmas time.  While I do have quite a collection of ceramic cookies and Hallmark Cupcakes, nothing looks cuter or more inviting than real food. We hang candy canes and popcorn garland on our Christmas tree. I’ve also made wreaths out of peppermint and gumdrops.

Lately I was thinking about something similar I could do to celebrate Halloween. I love the plastic giant candy corns they sell at the big box stores. But what if I could decorate with the real stuff?

I was inspired by Tori Spelling’s Candy Corn Mum centerpiece.


Tori Spelling for Starburst


Here are the  steps I used to make it

Supplies Needed:
Styrofoam Balls
Starburst Candy Corn
Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks

1. Use the knife to cut the bottom off the styrofoam ball so it will sit flat.

2. Starting in the middle glue candy corn on. Use one color for each row.

3. Use a credit card to cut off extra glue strings.

The hardest part of this craft is not snacking on the candy corn!

Want more Celeb Tips? Here are some of Tori’s Tasty Tips for Halloween Entertaining.

1. Make Cupcakes and use candy corn to decorate.
Tori Spelling for Starburst

2. Accent Rice Krispy treats with candy corn.
Tori Spelling for Starburst

3.Use craft letters and candy corn to welcome your guests
Tori Spelling for Starburst

Want the details on how to make these Just click here.

How do you like to decorate for Halloween?