Get Naked for Earth Day With Lush

Eco-friendly and packaging-free, LUSH has the perfect products to celebrate Earth Day! With the creation of the first-ever solid shampoo bar more than 17 years ago, LUSH secured its place as the leader of the eco-friendly “naked movement”. With the recent launch of several NEW “naked” products, now nearly 40% of their products are free from packaging. Sometimes, you’ve just got to grin and BARE it!

NEW Green FUN: $6.95 for 250g (Vegan)
A citrus burst of tangy lime and lemon essential oils that will make you feel refreshed and focused. FUN is a solid, 4-in-1 multi-purpose, moldable soap– for your body, hair, bubble bath and fun (you can mold it into shapes and characters). With a gentle softening base of corn flour, talc and glycerine it’s perfect for even sensitive skin (and kids!), great for travel, and plain old FUN

NEW Big Solid Conditioner: $9.95 for 3.5oz (Vegan)
Inspired by the popular Big shampoo, this is the complementary solid conditioner. This conditioner comes in big slabs so you can buy the weight you want (no waste and solid = no packaging!). It contains 17% sea salt to help give hair volume and shine, without weighing it down. There’s also super softening coconut oil to condition the hair and help tame fly aways. (Note — we have solid shampoos, massage bars toothpaste and facial serums, too!)


Dump the pump this Earth Day, go solid and save on waste! Solid bar soaps take their liquid counterparts to the cleaners! Bar soaps are sterile because they contain no water, which is required for bacterial growth. Because of this, solid soaps can be made without chemical preservatives while liquid soaps are predominantly water, a breeding ground for bacteria, and so require chemical preservatives… SO which LUSH soaps ($6.40-$7.95 for 100g) will you choose this Earth Day?!

Full of Grace Solid Serum ($14.95) Unlike other beauty serums on the market, this solid facial serum contains no synthetic materials such as silicones or other unrecognizable ingredients. Ideal for sensitive and mature skin, Murumuru butter and almond oil are easily absorbed to deeply moisturize without leaving skin greasy. Antioxidant-rich fresh Portobello mushrooms fight free radicals and reduce inflammation, minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

At LUSH, Knot-Wraps ($5.95) are much more than your average scarf. Inspired by the Japanese art of Furoshiki, LUSH puts a spin on an ancient design by making Knot-Wraps from a material called Greenspun, which turns two 250ml plastic bottles into one beautiful Knot-Wrap! Greenspun saved three million bottles from the landfill last year by making them into fabrics. Use them as gift wrap, wear in your hair or around your neck, they truly make recycling fashionable.