How to Get Extra Cash for the Holidays

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Diamond Lining. All opinions are my own.

^ Story of my life

I love splurging on gifts for loved ones (and myself!) this time of year. I love buying nice things, wrapping it up in expensive foil paper, and then affixing bows that cost 2.00 each.

But I absolutely hate the chunk of change Christmas takes out of my wallet. I always experience sticker shock when credit card bills arrive. I SPENT HOW MUCH?!

Here are some ways I try to earn extra money throughout the year:


1. Do odd jobs. My grandparents give me money for helping do their chores. In addition, I like to do virtual odd jobs on Crowdsourcing platforms like Mturk or Microworkers.

2. Play games. My favorite mobile game family feud now rewards me with giftcards for being a loyal player. There are many other apps like this as well. Search for ones that use Mpoints!

3. Sell things you don’t want.

I sell old clothes/shoes at Plato’s closet and I sell books on ebay.

I also sell old diamonds at Diamond Lining. There are a ton of places popping up that buy and sell jewelry.

However Diamond Lining stands out to me because they
1. Make an offer in ONE business day so you don’t have to wait around wondering. They also offer before sending you the check, so you can make an informed decision.
2. They offer free and insured shipping.
3.They pay via Check,direct deposit, or paypal


How do you earn extra cash during the holidays?