Fried Pork Sandwich

Fried Pork Sandwich: Ultra crispy battered pork made with a sweet tea marinade. Your new favorite summer sandwich! #ad




One of our favorite local summer activities is going to the county fair. We love screaming on the thrill rides, listening to the bands, and, of course, enjoying the food.


If there is anything our county fair is known for, it’s fried food! There’s nothing like an ultra-crispy snack and a cold drink to end a day at the fair.


One of our favorites is called a Pork Wing. It’s a small piece of pork on the bone deep fried until golden brown.


However, this girl is not messing with butchering at home. Instead, I used a boneless pork chop.

I even gave it a yummy summer twist with some Tradewind’s sweet tea! It helps tenderize the meat, and gives a unique flavor.  I prefer Tradwind’s tea over other brands because their tea is slow brewed, AND free of high fructose corn syrup.


The pork chop is marinated in sweet tea until it is super tender. Then it is covered in flavorful breading and deep fried until crispy. Pair it with any of your favorite sides and be sure to save some tea for brewing an ice cold treat to wash it all down with!



Buy or find a store near you here.



  • Add a dash of hot sauce or cayenne if your family likes it spicy.


  • Be sure to add the pork chops away from you so that you don’t get splattered with hot oil.


Now we can enjoy the crispy fried fair food with friends without leaving our back yard. Now those are #MomentsToSavor.