I Forgot


Today’s National Blog Posting Month topic Via Blogger Pr is:Forgetting

While this may not seem earth shattering to you, at the time it was a huge deal to me.

When I was in college, I applied to the honor society Lamda Sigma. After meeting academic/service requirements, and writing the dreaded application we had to attend a personal interview.

Somehow between exams and papers I forgot to attend my interview.

To make matters worse, I was studying a few rooms away from where the interviews took place. How could I be so stupid?

I immediately tried to re-schedule, but was curtly told no.

I was crushed. You have to get in as a sophomore. I blew my one and only shot. How would I ever get a job without an honor society? I over-reacted of course, but it taught me a very important lesson.

I learned to keep a written planner, and manage my time. Luckily, this happened in college, not on a real job interview!

Have YOU ever forgotten something important?. Tell me about it!