Food Blog Traffic & Income Report Feb 2015

Disclosure: I am affiliated with some of the companies below. Gourmet Ads is my employer. All opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: Lending Memo

After reading How I Made 40k My First Year of Blogging I was inspired to once again start tracking my income.

I’ve dabbled with these reports in the past, but never anything consistent.

Unique Visitors:

Total Pageviews:

Top 10 Traffic Sources:
1. Pinterest
2. Direct
3.Google Organic
4. Mobile Facebook
5. I.Facebook
6. Stumbleupon
9. Facebook Social
10. Facebook Referral

What I’ve learned: Facebook is not as useless as I once thought. Between facebook groups and posting on my own page, it’s still sending a significant amount of traffic to my site.

Food Blog Income Feb. 2015
1. Mode Media : $87.31

2. Gourmet Ads : $59.39

Sponsored Posts:
Linquia: 367.20

Total earnings: $513.90