Food Blog Income & Traffic Report: March 2015

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(Last Updated On: April 9, 2015)

  Disclosure: I am affiliate with some of the company mentioned below. Gourmet Ads is my employer. All opinions are my own.




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Traffic Report March 2015:
53,136 visitors
119,631 Pageviews

Top 10 Referring Sources:

1. Pinterest
2. Direct
3. Facebook
4. Stumbleupon
5. Facebook
6. Yummly
7. My Recipe Magic
8. Your Home Based Mom
9. Food Gawker
10. Yahoo Organic Search

1. Mode Media : $477.76

2. Gourmet Ads : 80.28

3. Global Infuence: $50

4. Linqia $419.20

5. Miscellaneous Sponsored Posts: $95

Grand total: 1122.24 (+$608 from last month!).

My thoughts: I’ve made the tough decision to leave Mode Media after nearly 2 years. The above earnings look great on paper ,but they’re from 90+ days ago. I’ve noticed their CPMs are terrible (despite running 234242 skins and site takeover ads per day). In addition, their once “easy money” sponsored posts/tweets are few and far between.