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(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

I love making the house look festive this time of year. Besides decorating a tree, we love to burn holiday candles, bake cookies, and I even have a Christmas purse!

One thing I usually overlook is buying fresh flowers for a centerpiece. However, I was so impressed with my Bouquet from FlowerMuse I think we’ll have to make it a new tradition.

The flowers arrived very quickly, and in perfect condition. They definitely looked way better than I do after an international flight! It was obvious upon arrival that Flower Muse truly does get them directly from the farm.According to their website they are also fair trade.

The roses are a mix of deep,dark red,and a bright fuchsia color. They’re big and full. For the few days that I’ve had them they are just opening up more fully, and becoming more beautiful. The cheaper roses I’ve gotten have always bent over and dropped their heads after a few days.



It takes a lot to impress our family when it comes to flowers. My Grandma and Grandpa met working at a greenhouse. Most of the workers lived on the land there,and the rest is history. My Grandma’s Brother was actually in charge of tending to the roses.

Because I was sent 2 dozen flowers, I decided to share the love with them. I gave them half of what I received to help brighten their holidays.

They were impressed by their size and quality. They instantly made their home look cheerier.

The bouquet I chose is currently on sale for $20 off! Check it out HERE . They also offer free shipping everyday for every order!

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Disclaimer: Baking Beauty received a sample of the above item to review. No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own!