Floral Nail Art Tutorial


Floral nail arts are a very popular trend. Nowadays we see this trend even among celebrities. Nail arts with french and floral manicure are a very sweet if you know how to wear them right.
This is a very easy design that you can definitely try out. It is very beautiful to look at and you will surely get flooded with complements once you make and wear this nail art. This is easy to re create too.
Things you will need for this nail art:
• A base coat
• A light pink nail polish of your choice
• A black nail polish of your choice
• Cotton bud and polish remover
• A transparent good quality top coat
• Nail Art Flowers (white 5 in number)
• Pink crystals
• Metallic chains in silver cut into small bits
Let’s get started.
Step 1
For this nail art design, first use a nice layer of base coat on your nails to prevent it from harmful effects of acrylic paint. Paint your nails up with a black polish and pink polish in the manner I have done.

Step 2:
I will explain two steps here. First put a line of transparent polish over the demarcation of the pink and the black polish. Now take the bits of silver metallic chains and put them on to the demarcation. Set their positions with the help of a tooth pick.
Now that your chain fixation is complete, move onto application of silver foil. Take bits of silver foil and apply on to the black area after coating it with transparent polish.

Step 3
Now place dollops of transparent polish on each of the nails at the pink base area and place one rose over each of the dollops. Now follow this up with dollops of transparent polish below the roses and stuck up some pink crystals. Do this for all the nails.

Step 4:
Now take a cotton bud dipped into makeup remover and clean stray polishes from all edges of the nails. Take the transparent polish and apply two nice layers of transparent polish on the whole of nails and also at the roots of the roses.