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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Global Influence. All opinions are my own.


Each sport has its season. We love watching football in the Fall, and hockey in the winter. However, summer time is all about World Cup soccer in my house.

We love gathering around the tv and snacking on things like popcorn, nachos, and potato skins.

If you read my site you know I HATE hot weather. When watching soccer I can’t help but think about those poor players sweating in 90 degree+ heat.

How do they manage to play in such hot weather and still look good?


Maybe it’s their official deodorant Degree Men? Their new product Degree MotionSense releases extra product when you move. How cool is that? And more importantly why didn’t someone think of this before! Best of all it lasts up to 48 hours. This is perfect for those hot summer nights.

To celebrate all things Team USA, Walgreens is having a great deal. If you buy 2 Degree Men’s Deodorant products between today and 7/5 you’ll earn 1,000 Balance Reward points! It’s a great time to stock up. After all it’s going to be a longgg (and hot) summer!

How would Degree Motion Sense help you and your family do more this summer?