Day 2: What is something you recently jumped into? #NabloPoMo

Save For Later


The first thing that came to mind for this question was college.


I just started Summer classes. I’m currently taking 3 courses in hopes of graduating sooner! They are Introduction to Law, Introduction to Criminal Justice, and A History of Punk Rock.

While I was expecting to glide through the punk rock course, I figured I’d have to put in more effort for the more academic ones. However, I was completely wrong.


Each week in Punk Rock, we have a quiz based on facts about music artists, and identifying their songs by ear. It takes a lot of work to memorize the songs.

Also, I was so angry that our Punk Rock text book is online. I spent months saving up my Amazon Giftcards to purchase my textbooks. However, this silly book cost $120.00, and we can only have access to it for the semester. REALLY? After that, we can’t sell it back obviously. I was shocked by the indifference to student’s tough finances. 🙁 The book is nothing more than internet webpages.

Overall, hen you jump into something you never know what your going to get. In fact, it might be just the opposite of you’d expect.

What’s something you’ve jumped into lately? Please let me know in a comment below!