Cute Easter Cookie Recipes

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(Last Updated On: December 15, 2014)

Delicious Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing and Almond filling.

Adorable Pastel Easter bunny dot cookies

Hot Cross Bun Macarons All the delicious flavors of a breakfast treat in cookie form.

Easter Egg Macarons with Nutella filling

Easter Nest Sugar Cookies with Cadbury Eggs


Lemon Sugar Cookies made with mini cookie cutters

Carrot Cookies are the perfect treat to leave for the Easter bunny.

Easter Sugar Cookies decorated with fondant.

Easter M and M Cookies

Easter Chick Cookies

Hatching Easter Chick Cookies

Vanilla Almond Easter Egg Cookies

Adorable Easter Cookies with Tutorial for each

3 D Easter Chick Cookies