Billion Dollar Brows Review

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What does a greeting card, a steaming cup of coffee, and your eyebrows have in common?

They are all little things that can make a BIG difference. Your brows frame your face, and can really make or break your look. I am guilty of neglecting my brows as many women are, but after I get them done I feel so much more well groomed.

Billion Dollar Brows features a wide variety of products to help you make your brows their best.

They have been  featured in Cosmopolitan and Redbook Magazines, as well as on the Rachel Ray Show!

Hint of Tint Review

Hint of Tint is a brow gel and tint in one. I love products that combine 2 steps into one.  It makes my morning routine so much easier!


Pigmentation: I got the shade Taupe which is recommended for those with medium to dark hair colors. What’s great about the pigmentation is that it’s buildable. I prefer using 2 coats, but you could use more or less depending on your preferences.

Ease of Use: It is very easy to use. At first I was confused by the packaging. It reminded me of a lip gloss, but I was pleased there was a mascara wand spoolie in there.  This is the perfect tool to brush your brows into place, and apply color all at once.

Texture: Once applied it didn’t make my brows feel hard or stiff, like some gels I’ve tried.

Lasting Power: This product did a great job of holding my brows in place all day. It was also very easy to wash off at the end of the day.

Duo Brow Pencil Review
The brow pencil features a highlighter at one end, and a concealer at the other.
I really loved the highlighting end. It works great on your brow bone, in the inner corner, and also as an eyeshadow base.

Pigmentation: The highlighter showed up beautifully. A lot of the highlight shades I ownblend away until they’re invisible. So I was really pleased this one did not. The concealer was on the sheer side, but I doubt you bought this brow pencil for the concealer right?


Texture: Both were creamy for a pencil and easy to blend.

Lasting Power: The highlight lasted me all day, the concealer slightly less.

Ease of Use: Very easy! The only thing is you’ll need a jumbo sharpener to sharpen it.

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