Best Holiday Perfumes/Scents

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Best Holiday Perfumes/Scents
1.Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap ($8) by: The Soap and Paper Factory

We don’t get a real Christmas tree, but boy does this scent take me back to when we did! It is green and woodsy and super moisturizing. Perfect for pampering yourself after a long day of shopping! Can’t get enough pine? Roland Pine is also available as a reed diffuser and candle!

Available at:Soap and Paper

2. Vanilla Bean Noel: By Bath and Body Works ($14)
This creamy vanilla scent smells like fresh baked cookies. I cannot get enough of it, and always buy backups around the holidays

3.Twisted Peppermint: By Bath and Body Works ($14)
This minty scent smells just like a peppermint candy cane. I also think it helps give me energy/focus.

4. Eggnog by: Demeter ($12)
Sweet creamy eggnog with a slightly spicy twist. Best of all this bottle will never go bad, so you can enjoy the scent all year long.


5.Gingerbread by: Demeter ($12)
This slightly sweet slightly spicy scent smells just like a gingerbread house. I think I even detect a whiff of icing!

What is your favorite holiday scent?