Bath and Body Works New Scents Reviews

(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

I was lucky enough to receive both the Shower Gel and lotion version of Rio Rumberry.

What Bath and Body Works says it smells like: ” An exotic blend of tropical berries, fresh papaya and vanilla blossom”

What I think:  It smells very tropical and sweet. I smell mostly pineapple and coconut.. However, after it dries it turns into a more vanilla scent. The lotion scent lasts a very long time, especially when layered with the shower gel. 

I am not usually into fruity/coconut smells, but this is not overpoweringly coconutty. You won’t smell like you just put on sunscreen. Overall, I like this, but not enough to buy the body spray.


What Bath and Body Works says it smells like: “exotic getaway of juicy mango, sugar cane, pink passionflower and luscious nectarine”
My Thoughts: Mango and orange are predominant to me. It very sweet and something it in reminds me of bubble gum. I like this one better than Rio Rumberry as its more sweet and juicy smelling.

I really enjoyed both of these scents.  However, I do not think I will repurchase as I still like Bath and Body Works’ Forever Sunshine, Paris Amour, and Vanilla Bean Noel better.

Disclaimer: I was gifted these for Easter. However opinions are 100% my own.