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Disclaimer: All books were bought with my own money.

I haven’t written a book review in quite a while. To be honest writing them is boring and feels like too much work. It sort of sucks the pleasure out of reading when I’m thinking hmmm I’ll have to remember that for my review.

I’m guessing it’s pretty boring for y’all to read it as well! So I’ve decided to do things a bit differently!

Here are a bunch of books I’ve read lately with super short reviews. Let me know what you think of this new format! 🙂

12th of Never by James Patterson

Summary:Despite just having a new baby Linsdey must deal with a football star accused of murder and a professor who’s having dreams that come true.



Reasoning: It was easy to read and fast paced.

Déjà Dead by Kathy Reichs

Summary:Tempe has to deal with murders in 2 countries that place those she loves in danger.


Reasoning: I liked the mystery but got bogged down by the technical descriptions/language.

Mini Shopaholic By: Sophie Kinsella

Summary: Shopaholic Becky tries planning a party and gets into some HILARIOUS situations.


This book was LOL hilarious and I adore Becky! It did have some slow parts to get through though.

Mr. Monk is Miserable By:Lee Goldberg

Summary: Mr. Monk travels to france and finds a recent skull in the catacombs.


Monk is funny and the mystery is engaging. However, I thought his OCD was a bit too in your face at points.

My Dog the Paradox by Matthew Inman


This was just a super short entertaining read. I can relate to every word!


O is for Outlaw By Sue Grafton

Summary: Kinsey is forced to examine her first divorce and help solve a mystery involving her ex husband.


Reasons: I love Kinsey as a character but the book gets boring as it goes on.

Inferno By Dan Brown

Summary: Robert Langdon wakes up with amnesia and a bio hazard vial. Soon hes on an adventure through Europe to decipher more codes.


Very edge of your seat book, but a bit formulaic at times.

The Cuckoos Calling by JK Rowling

Summary: War vet Cormoran must decided whether a model was killed or jumped from a rooftop.


I love Cormoran and the mystery. However, this book was painfully slow until about 1/2 way through.

Lifeguard by James Patterson

Summary: Ned thinks a bit part in a robbery will change his whole life for the butter, but soon he’s accused of murder.


I love the unique premise behind this book, but it was too predictable (or maybe I’ve just been reading too many Patterson’s!).

Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke

Summary: Right after eating Hannah’s cinnamon roll Buddy is stabbed in the chest with surgical scissors. The hospital is full of likely suspects.


I loved the story and recipes ,but the characters were a bit forced.



Have you read any of these? What’s the best book you’ve read recently?