Arby’s Big Game Burger Review

Arby's Big Game Burger Review

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Arby's Big Game Burger was released on September 12. It promises a hearty combination of beef, elk, and venison. In this review, we'll take a closer look to see if it's worth trying.

Arby's Big game burger in a foil wrapper with a sticker.


Location: Arby's

Cost: $8.79

Calories: 718 Calories

Arby's big game burger on a bricohe bun sitting on a wrapper.

Description: A Venison Elk Blend Burger topped with melty Swiss cheeses, Crispy Onions, Sweet Garlic, Dill Pickles, and a Dark Cherry Steak Sauce served on a toasted Brioche bun.

It is made with 34% Venison, 33% Elk, and 33% Ground Beef Blend. 

Overall rating: 7.5/10

arby's big game burger with swiss and onions cut in half on a wrapper.

Review: This is not your standard fast-food burger. Unlike Arby's Waygu burger, you can actually taste the different meats here.

Arby's game burger open faced with crispy onions, swiss cheese, and a cherry steak sauce.

Flavor: The beef helps cut some of the gamey taste, but it still has that unique strong flavor. The meat is lightly seasoned. but could have used more seasoning. The cheese and onions add much-needed flavor. And the The dark cherry steak sauce added a great tangy and smokey flavor as well as some much-needed salt.

Texture: The onions stayed crispy, adding a good textural contrast. However, the elk and venison are also leaner than beef, so it is a little drier than a typical juicy beef patty.

I also liked that they used brioche for this, as it was soft and moist without being soggy.

Perfect For: Adventurous easter and those who love venison

Avoid If: You're looking for something that tastes like a regular beef burger.

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