12 Stinks of Christmas

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(Last Updated On: February 26, 2019)

This review was made possible by iConnect and Febreze. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Best Holiday Entertaining Tips

The holidays are literally right around the corner and it’s my favorite time of the year. We often have people over during the holidays and sometimes I struggle with being a good hostess. Over the years I’ve gotten better though and I want to share some of my best holiday entertaining tips with you!

Say Hello to Everyone

It can be hard when you have 20-30 people in your home to make the rounds to say hello. However, it’s so important to make your guests feel warm and welcome by making sure you say hello. You always want people leaving your home feeling better than when they walked in.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Around

When you have a bunch of people in your home, germs have the tendency to spread around like crazy. You know me I’m a total germaphobe so I like to keep several bottles of hand sanitizer around the house, just in case people need it. Little fingers are the best at spreading germs, so it’s important that everyone stays protected.

Make Sure Your House Smells Good

There is only one brand that I trust to make sure my house smells good and that’s Febreze. We’ve all walked into our own homes, prior to using Febreze, and thought “what’s that smell?”. In my house it’s usually WET DOG! Yuck right?

Well, I got tired of dealing with this, so I use Febreze Air Effects spray on a daily basis. Febreze is here to help us all this holiday season get rid of those pesky holiday stinks. Shouldn’t our house smell just as good for our family as it does for guests?

It’s also great for getting rid of food odors in the kitchen. I heart the smell of sage in my stuffing and onions on my green bean casserole when it’s cooking. However, 6 hours later not so much!

In fact, Febreeze dedicated 12 days to getting rid of disgusting odors. Just for fun, here are some odors my house deals with around the holidays.

Stinky pets: it seems as though they’re always getting dirty, wet, or worse! 😉

Bathroom odor: Do people really need to use the bathroom?

Sometimes the smell of dishes building up in the sink.(Mostly because I’m too lazy to load the dishwasher opps!).

Burnt food from my ambitious cooking adventures.(I don’t need to set the timer, I’ll remember those cookies!!) Riiiight 

Guess what friends, you don’t have to deal with the #12Stinks of Christmas anymore! You can use Febreze to help eliminate those odors!

I would encourage you to check out the line of products from Febreze and start getting rid of those stinky and pesky odors. When your guests come over, they don’t want to smell burnt turkey/ham or your wet pet, they want to smell the wonderful smells of the holidays. Thankfully, Febreze can help you do just that with great scents like Jolly Pine and Cranberry Cheer (my favorite!).

Check out this video of Glee’s Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison for Febreze singing the “12 Stinks of Christmas here on Youtube.

What’s your biggest holiday stink?