New Years Eve Manicure Ideas

To me New Year’s Eve is a happy occasion that makes it easy to start over. Even though you can start a diet, or resolve to stop procrastinating any old day; there is something powerful about the beginning of a new year.

My outfit for New Year’s usually reflects this mood by being bright, and of course full of glitter.

Here are some of my favorite New Years Eve manicure ideas to match!

1. This Silver and White Manicure sparkles almost as bright as the ball in Times Square.

2. I love watching the Fireworks as other country’s celebrate the new year (while I’m eating breakfast!). Here is a perfect Fireworks Nail Idea to match!

3. A Black and Gold Manicure is the perfect accompaniment to the little black dress!

4. Sparkling Blue French Manicure

5. This Glitter French Manicure is subtle yet feminine.

6. Nothing says New Year’s Eve Party like a good drink. Here is a Martini Nail Art Tutorial to match!

7. If you throw confetti in NYC, someone cleans it up afterwards. If you throw confetti in our small town it sticks around till spring!
Cute Confetti Nails

8. Second Confetti Nails using just one bottle of polish

 Which New Year’s Eve Manicure do you like best?


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  1. fun ideas luv them

  2. I love the confetti nails 🙂

  3. my daughters would love all these over the top nail designs–I like the first one that looks like the Times Square Ball-but I wouldn’t be able to have my nails look like that for work. Maybe on vacation! thanks for sharing and Happy new Year!

  4. I LOVE the blue with sparkles!

  5. Love the french with a sparkley twist.

  6. Those are beautiful! I love the first one. I’m pretty nail polish inept but I like to try. Maybe I’ll give that first one a try this year.

  7. These are all cute ideas.

  8. Great ideas! I love the silver and white, and I’m a big fan of the French with flakies. Happy New Year!!

  9. These are all so cute! I especially love the first one.. the white with the glitter looks so fresh, and clean!

  10. Angela W says: neice would love this! What great ideas..they are so cute