What Makeup Men Like/Hate


Kyle says: Eye shadow only because it is simple but incredibly sexy

Jamal says: None at all because she looks good without makeup(What a sweetheart!)

James says: Just basic foundation to cover blemishes,because everything else encourages the unrealistic expectations society puts on women. (Wise man!)

Ben says: Eye shadow because there is something really pretty about her bright eyes contrasted against dark surroundings.

Joe says: None because my wife is a natural beauty!(Aww!)

Kyle says:Concealer because it is incredibly easy to spot(No pun intended!)

John says: Heavy eye shadow because it makes her look like a streetwalker.

Adam says: I hate heavy raccoon eyes they just look stupid.

Garrett says: White powder, it just makes her look ill.

Kevin says: Lip Gloss because it feels weird when we make out

Evan says: Caked on dark lipsticks I don’t even want to think about going near those lips

What types of makeup does your SO love/hate? Does it influence what you wear?


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  1. Thats so funny dear.. getting men views on makeup.. but yes if I ask my husband he is gonna say I like u without makeup onlyy!! 😀 😀 bcz that ways he will be able to save some bucks..;)

  2. Hehe, fun post 🙂 It’s always interesting to hear what men think about our make-up. I know my man really dislikes bright lip colors.

  3. Nice post! 😀 Made my day 🙂

  4. Haha this was fun! I think every man is different! Mine loves wacky nail polishes (green is his favorite for some reason), but he hates “red lipsticks.” The problem is everything that is not pink is red to him (including coral), but he has learnt not to say anything when I want to wear a bold lipstick 🙂

  5. i love it when i hear, “you look great with no makeup on” and i’m totally wearing makeup. i’ve had men tell me Kim K isn’t wearing makeup. HA!

  6. oh this is a really cute post! My husband loves gobs of makeup on me…I could walk out of the house looking like Tammy Fay Baker and he would adore it. It’s abnormal.

  7. amazing article!:) my boyfriend hates too much makeup on my face too…

  8. Wonderful post! funny to read. I thought it was interesting James thought foundation was ok, because the rest changes you.. whereas foundation really.. “covers”, oh well. My boyfriend doesn’t like it either when I have lipgloss on, he will show his annoyance when kissing me haha. He’s even weird about lipstick because he doesn’t want to get it on his lips 😛 oh boys haha.

  9. What a cute post! It´s true, many men don´t like much makeup on women but then again many men also don´t know how much of a difference it can make so they´re all surpised with before and afters…

  10. How fun to hear the men’s views!

  11. This is so cute!